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Servo Socks launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding at Maker Faire Bay area 2019

Servo socks are an awesome new way to think about making stuff move while making the world of robotics so much less intimidating and tedious. They are a simple case that snaps over easy to find, hobby servo motors. Servo Socks inspire the use of everyday materials and tools because they allow you to cut, carve, drill, screw, sand and shape them to fit into your projects while not locking you into a kit concept making them the anti-kit so to speak.

The idea for Servo Socks was born from a frustration with the lack of ease when using common tools and materials laying around the shop with widely available servo motors.

“I have always enjoyed making things, especially things that move” says co-founder Dan Kitchen, “But, I am not really into the whole ‘kit’ scene so when I started working with motors and servos as a kid, I was always frustrated when it came time to fit a motor into things.  So, I invented the anti-kit…a simple, yet incredibly universal connection between hobby servos and your ideas”

Who are Servo Socks for?  Well anybody …but to be specific, garage/basement makers, professional prototypers, animatronics enthusiasts and especially students.  There appears to be a decline in the focus to teach hands-on, practical skills and an increase in robotics and programming (STEM/STEAM). “This is great but, we wanted to inspire people in STEM/STEAM programs to pick up real tools as well. It’s also so much more fun and engaging to learn more about tools while building something that moves instead of building a shelf”.

There are also always budget concerns in the education system (well even those at home too) so, with the product being so simple and the encouragement to use scraps, recycled materials or stuff available at your local hardware store, budgets can be kept in check.

“We are incredibly pumped to be taking the ‘go big or go home’ approach to releasing our new idea.  We knew we wanted to release a crowdfunding campaign to get a solid idea of the market for our product and thought what better place to start but at the biggest Maker movement gathering on the globe, Maker Faire Bay Area 2019”

Servo Socks are located in Expo Hall, Zone 2, Booth 2607

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