We are currently in the beginning stages of releasing servo socks and are starting with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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In all of our testing, we have found some controllers that we love, are affordable and we wanted to put together some kits allowing you to get some servo socks, servos and your kind of controller.

We wanted to cover 2 types of makers

No Computer

Yes Computer

6 Knob Controller


Hook this board up to power, plug in your servos and turn the knobs.  It’s that simple.! We feel that if you aren’t necessarily into computers but want to make stuff move, this is the controller for you. We will package it up with some servos and Servo Socks so you can get making right away.

24 CH Controller

Computer Needed

Hook this board up to power, plug it into your PC, install the control software and plug in your servos.   Now you can use the visual software to create “action groups” that can be saved and programmed to run with the included wireless PS2 Controller.  We chose this because it is easy to install and use.