Servo Socks are motors for anyone who wants to make stuff that moves.

Build with what you want and use real tools in the process

Servo Motors

They are universal, powerful and can be controlled in so many ways but… servos are frustrating to mount!

Servo Socks are cases that snap over common, replaceable servo motors adding material to work with.







Unlike a kit motor, you don’t have to feel guilty for drilling a hole, carving off a corner or cutting part of it away… that’s the point!

How do Servos Work?

Play with the 2 sliders below to see the difference between position-able and continuous rotation servos!




We include everything you need to get started!

We wanted to ensure that when you get your Servo Socks, you will have everything you need to get started building right away. So, we created our kits…well anti-kits because outside of the main components, we encourage using what you have around or can get at your local hardware store!

We know that there are different situations where you may not have access to or might just not want to involve a computer so, we have 2 anti-kits to make sure everyone is covered

No Computer

Our 6-knob control kit is simple, plug it in, hook up the servos and turn the knobs! No computer involved.

You don’t need to feel intimidated by dabbling into robotics anymore!

Yes Computer

If you want to program animation for your creations, our 24 channel wireless control kit is the answer. Just install the PC software, hook up power and servos and start animating!

These boards are a great way to start into the world of robotics programming, the simple interface makes it a snap!

There are so many ways to run/drive the servo motors you build into your projects because running them is also universal.

Servo motors can be controlled using…

  • Radio Control “RC”
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Micro.bit
  • Servo control boards
  • …just to name a few!


Students Need to Learn Tools!

STEM is great, and STEM with tools involved is even better.  There is a strong push in education with Robotics and programming. We found a great way to inspire this education while at the same time building confidence in practical hands-on skills with common tools.

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